Safety Tips

While VEMAnet provides a platform for people to connect about emergency animal needs, all communication between parties is the responsibility of users of VEMAnet. It is the users responsibility to ensure the reliability, completeness, and truthfulness of any communications.
Since people may be using this service when under emotional stress from emergency situations, it is important to make sure you are clear about your needs, and about what you can offer, when communicating.
Here are some issues to consider when discussing emergency animal needs. There may be others not mentioned below.
  • Costs of boarding
  • Costs of feeding
  • Veterinary expenses
  • Transportation needs and expenses
  • Visiting the animal
  • Temperament of the animal
  • Experience of the emergency care-giver
  • Plans for getting the animal returned to owner


Use common sense and caution.

Meeting face-to-face is best. Delivering your animals to a temporary home is advised so you can see the facilities.

Be on guard for scams. Make sure you are comfortable with the people you are choosing to take care of your animal, or of the people you choose to help with their animal.

If you suspect a scam, please contact VEMAnet and let us know.