Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will someone see my personal information (name, email, phone number) if I reply to their request or offer for help?

A: VEMAnet protects your email address and personal identity through an email anonymizer. HOWEVER, if you have specified your “real name” field in your email program, or in your automatic email signature, it will be passed through to the recipient. Any contact information that you put into the body of your message will also pass through unaltered.


Q: Can I send attachments through VEMAnet’s email system?

A: No. If you try to attach a file through your email program, it will NOT pass through to the recipient. 


Q: Does VEMAnet share my personal information with anyone outside of the organization?

A: No, VEMAnet will never distribute, sell, or otherwise transmit your personal information (you’ll note we don’t ask for names, addresses, or other identifiable information, other than your email and phone number.) See our Terms of Use for more information.


Q: I see you want me to add my phone number when I make a post. Will anyone see it?

A: No, VEMAnet does not share phone numbers with anyone. We are expecting to integrate SMS options for offering help/receiving help in the future, so that you can select that option down the road—but it is not fully functional yet.